Create a unique 'Care' range of retail products for men and women that would stand out in the lodge gift shops and feel part of a cohesive set. All proceeds from this range would go to the care of the land, wildlife and people as per the &Beyond ethos.
An illustrative visual language for the brand, using intricately layered watercolour fauna and flora, was created for use across the brand's show stands, interior wallpaper and corporate literature. 
For the care range, we needed a cohesive recognisable style across a number of different products at varying scales. We chose the brand's primary Charcoal as the background colour and used the full range of illustrations from the categories of Land, Wildlife, People, Africa, Asia and South America. For various applications, we combined these illustrations differently to create relevance in-country and economies of scale elsewhere with a lush 'full colour' look. The circle device was loosely interpreted across the range to provide further consistency.
A circle device with 'Leaving our World a Better Place' was used on t-shirts, packaging and then reimagined across the full range to convey the key brand message and to inspire the guest to make a real difference.
The illustrations that represented all regions and all ethos values were arranged into several different patterns, each tailored to specific products.

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