Elevating brave and curious brands to their highest potential through strategic insight and unique, expressive visual identity.
"What makes Beverley remarkable is the level of consideration, generosity and dedication that she shows up with, along with the quality of her questions, feedback and insights."
Founder at Creative on Purpose
Head Coach at Seth Godin's Akimbo Workshops
Get to Know Me
Beverley Glanville
An award-winning creative director and visual identity designer with 20+ years of strategy-led branding & design experience across sectors as diverse as fintech, industrial, FMCG and luxury hospitality and travel. 
Graduating at the top of her class with honours from the AAA School of Advertising in 1996 she went on to hold leadership positions at multiple global agencies. She became an independent creative professional in 2008 with several long-term contracts in leadership roles since then.
In 2009 she created a kid's clothing and décor brand, Banini Baby. This included designing the brand, and all its products, setting up in-house manufacturing and building and running both the physical and online retail stores. 
This rich and varied first-hand knowledge and valuable experience have contributed to her formidable skills in every aspect of business and brand communication – from illustration, e-commerce and textile design to retail supply chains, multi-channel sales & marketing. 
Fostering close working relationships with clients led to some interesting multi-disciplinary projects across UX/UI, product/app development and video content creation.
Her work has been published in both local and international design annuals. Awards won include the prestigious Loerie Grand Prix for her interactive Annual Report in 2001.
She has a passion for continued education and is a Graduate of Seth Godin's The Freelancers Workshop, GIBS / Goldman Sachs 10 000 Women Entrepreneurship program and a proud Branson Centre Entrepreneur.

The Way We Work
I am the co-founder of Bev&Nic. Because every brand has its own set of unique challenges, a multi-disciplinary team, tailored to best serve your business needs, will be curated for each of your projects. Our network of dedicated top-notch creative specialists enjoys collaborative partnerships with friendly, open-minded teams who value our insight and need for excellence.
We have a proven system that we implement on every project. We start with assessing your brand as it currently stands before moving on to strategy. With a solid foundation in place, we explore the big creative idea and visual identity. Once completed we finish off by implementing this language across all your digital and print touchpoints in a consistent and engaging manner.
See www.bevandnic.com for more.
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