In a global pitch, using only female creatives from 8 FCB offices around the world, we were tasked with renaming and branding Michelle Obama's Let Girls Learn initiative.
When Michelle Obama speaks about girls’ education she often refers to these girls as “our girls” and places her arms crossed over her chest - this suggests an embrace and places their education as equal as to that of our own daughters. 
She asks people to stand up and be counted. To count every girl into the equation of education and allow them to make their mark on the world. When we count her in we take the first step. We acknowledge the potential of an educated girl with the reassurance that they matter.
​​​​​​​The ‘x’ in the logo is symbolic of Michelle’s endearing gesture and a symbol for the mark an educated girl will leave on the world.
When rotated the 'x' becomes a '+' which represents inclusivity and belonging. It counts every girl into the equation of education. It speaks to every stakeholder who joins us and to the exponential power and growth that comes from educating girls. ​​​​
The brandmark allowed for plenty of flexibility with not only the orientation and colour palette but also campaign lines and joint ventures as shown in the above examples.

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